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Limited Time: Free USA Shipping On Select Packages

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Are there clinical trials that support the ingredients of Mushroom Defense?


Each ingredient in Mushroom Defense has been clinically tested (and not to mention, used for thousands of years throughout the world for food and for their health-boosting properties)

But unfortunately, research on mushrooms is moving at a snail’s pace. This is because mushrooms cannot be patented. Which makes over-bloated, profit-pumping pharmaceutical companies dismiss our fungal friends. So most research has to be privately funded.

Also, by law, we are not allowed to share with you revolutionary results from real human clinical studies using mushrooms. These results are life-changing and could change the course of human history. But of course, thanks to big business and big government, these studies remain hush-hush, with powerful entities fighting to keep them secret from the public.

Regardless, you can see many amazing clinical studies and results on our Clinical Studies Page.

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